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    Our vision is a world with all-natural, non-toxic and compostable bioplastics.

    PHAbulous Philaments

    All-natural, non-toxic and compostable bioplastics!

    Saphium is producing bio- based plastics with the help of microbes. Most conventional plastics are based on crude oil, take hundreds of years to degrade and release toxic additives that accumulate in every human being. Right now every small commodity, such as a toothbrush lasts longer than a human life, does it have to stay that way?

    Saphiums alternative is a compound that is non- toxic, environmentally friendly and 100% compostable. Additionally, it is perfectly designed for 3D printing applications as well as an ideal alternative to conventional food packaging materials and many other applications. When put into soil, the compound degrades within 60 days without leaving a trace and even serves as a fertilizer because of its biological origin.


    The first product of us is our PHAbulous Philaments!

  • About Us

    We want to provide better, bio-degradable plastics and avoid the mess humanity is producing right now.

    Christof Winkler-Hermaden

    Chief Executive Officer

     The strategist behind Saphium biotechnology. He is the CSO and always has creative ideas for our company. He works on two masters degrees and on his winery in southern Styria.

    Katharina Ettl

    Social media & marketing
    Our specialist for marketing and creative thinking. She finished tourism school and works on our social media appearances.

    Bernhard Brauner-Runge

    Lab Executive
    The intellectual guy. If there are papers to be read or information to be gathered, call Berni. He already has the information before we know we need it.

    Reinmar Eggers

    Lab Executive

    Reinmar is mainly responisible for 3D-printing and lab work. He also supports Katharina by writing Blogs and articles.

    Sanel Durakovic

    Chief Technical Officer
    The CTO of our company and the chief of the lab. He works on his masters thesis and has great experience in genetics and microbiology.

    Josef Tauchner

    Lab Executive
    The technician and master of computers. The man to call when the computer is not running properly or if there is new software to discover.
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