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    "Legumino+" Winner of the Future Prize - "Innovationspreis Handwerk 2018"


    For the 14th time, the innovation prizes of the Steirisches Vulkanland were awarded. A total of three categories were evaluated: Life force, craftsmanship and energy as well as culinary art. We were honored in the craft sector for the future prize with our product "Legumino+"!! We are very pleased to receive this award! www.vulkanland.at
  • What We Do

    Our vision is a world with all-natural, non-toxic and compostable bioplastics.

    PHAbulous Philaments

    All-natural, non-toxic and compostable bioplastics!


    Saphium is producing bio- based plastics with the help of microbes. Most conventional plastics are based on crude oil, take hundreds of years to degrade and release toxic additives that accumulate in every human being. Right now every small commodity, such as a toothbrush lasts longer than a human life, does it have to stay that way?


    Saphiums alternative is a compound that is non- toxic, environmentally friendly and 100% compostable. Additionally, it is perfectly designed for 3D printing applications as well as an ideal alternative to conventional food packaging materials and many other applications. When put into soil, the compound degrades within 60 days without leaving a trace and even serves as a fertilizer because of its biological origin.



    The first product of us is our PHAbulous Philaments!



    Capture Nitrogen free of charge from the for your plants.

    The air consists of 78% nitrogen, which cannot be used by the plant. Rhizobia are inhabitants of our soil, build small nodules on plant roots and assimilate nitrogen from the air in those to supply the plants. The better nutrient supply leads to higher growth and secure yields. We enrich the rhizobia on Austrian vegetable coal to increase their shelf life and to ensure their survival in the soil.

    To maintain a sufficient numbers of nodules, we recommend using Legumino+ on the seed directly right before sowing. In order to ensure good adhesion to the seed, the supplied sticker should be used to "glue" the rhizobia to the seed. A pack of Legumino+ is enough for one hectare of the respective plant culture.

  • The Team

    We want to provide better, bio-degradable plastics and avoid the mess humanity is producing right now.

    Christof Winkler-Hermaden

    Chief Executive Officer

    The strategist behind Saphium biotechnology. He is the CEO and always has creative ideas for our company. He works on two masters degrees and helps at the family winery in southern Styria.

    Sanel Durakovic

    Chief Technical Officer

    The CTO of our company and the chief of the lab. He works on his masters thesis and has great experience in genetics and microbiology.

    Bernhard Brauner-Runge

    Lab Executive

    The intellectual guy. If there are papers to be read or information to be gathered, call Berni. He already has the information before we know we need it.

    Katharina Ettl

    Social media & marketing

    Our specialist for marketing and creative thinking. She finished tourism school and works on our social media appearances.

    Josef Tauchner

    Lab Executive

    The technician and master of computers. The man to call when the computer is not running properly or if there is new software to discover.

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations - The story behind Saphium..

    March 12, 2017 · Rhizobia,Legumino,Biotechnology
    Over the last year we focused on a new project beside the research of bioplastics: Legumino+ Legumino+ is a product for the agriculture and leads to higher yields in the cultivation of leguminous plants like scarlet runner bean, mung bean, fenugreek, alfalfa, soy bean and horsebean. It consists...
    October 7, 2016
    It was quiet in the last months about Saphium Biotechnology, but much happened. Since we returned from Ireland, we successfully applied to the incubator Science Park Graz, had lots of opportunities the present our bioplastics vision (more about that below) and met many potential partners.With Dr....
    They look like spaghetti, they really do. But it is one long noodle only coming out of our spaghetti maker. Do not think I am writing nonsense about Italian dough products, I am writing about the first prototype of our filament. The taste is rather dull, in fact, the filament tastes like nothing ...
    August 31, 2015
    Demo Day is over and our adventure on the green island has come to an end. Time for a sum up! All of us have gained expertise and experience, made new friends and last but not least founded a company. To cite Sean O'Sullivan: “Thinking about starting a company? Don't!”. Now I know what he meant...
    Our PHAbulous Philaments are marvelous 3D printer filaments. The fairy tale begins when our charming microscopy small hero faces the evil emission of industry. Empowered by hydrogen, which is directly sent from the lights of heaven, he captures the evil emission to be bound in long chains of bio...
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  • RebelBio, The Global BioAccelerator Initiative

    Our journey started with ReblBio and continues with them. After the amazing time in Cork, Ireland we still getting tons of advice and many opportunities from the RebelBio family.

    Science Park Graz

    There is also a great incubator in Graz. Visit the Science Park Graz to learn more.

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