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Life cycle of our PHAbulous Philaments

From dust to dust..

Our PHAbulous Philaments are marvelous 3D printer filaments. The fairy tale begins when our charming microscopy small hero faces the evil emission of industry. Empowered by hydrogen, which is directly sent from the lights of heaven, he captures the evil emission to be bound in long chains of bio-plastics, PHAs!
These bio-plastics are formed into our truly PHAbulous Philaments and give new possibilities to millions of creative 3D printer all around the world. Worthy craftsmen use this imprisoned green house gas to build tools of technology and art. If not useful anymore, we can bury it even deeper in our soils. There it gets degraded by other heroic microbes which fertilize meanwhile our precious soil. But some of the bound green house gas takes this chance and escapes into our atmosphere! A new chance for our hero to capture them.
A never ending tale - the life cycle of our PHAbulous Philaments.
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