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Progress happens in many steps

It was quiet in the last months about Saphium Biotechnology, but much happened. Since we returned from Ireland, we successfully applied to the incubator Science Park Graz, had lots of opportunities the present our bioplastics vision (more about that below) and met many potential partners.With Dr. Martin Koller we received an expert in PHA and with Dr. Michael Koncar an expert in business and process engineering as mentors. The development of the bioreactor prototype goes on. Bernhard models at the moment in silico our processs, Sanel works on the genetic modifications of our microbe strain at the Open Bio Lab Graz and Christof is responsible for Research grants, accounting and communications. While Josef mainly works on the 3D printing filaments is Kathi in charge of our web and social media presence.

Much happens at Saphium Biotechnology and we want to keep you up to date. Therefor you can sign up for our newsletter!

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