The story behind Saphium Biotechnolgy!

We want to shape our environment! We ensure a sustainable nutrient supply in agriculture and work on a resource-saving and compostable plastic alternative.

We, founder of Saphium Biotechnology, were all born in the late 80's and early 90's. The danger of acid rain had just banished, we learned about waste recycling at the kindergarten and at school and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) as propellants were banned to stop the ozone hole from growing larger.


The dwindling of fossil fuels, pollution of the oceans by oil and garbage as well as global warming accompanied us on our way to adulthood. The last generation has already solved big problems as a collective. Our generation will do the same as well as the next generation.


We got to know each other in Graz as part of our NAWI studies. In 2015, we applied to RebelBio with the idea of producing compostable plastics from CO2 and H2. The Irish Life Science Accelerator accepted our team and we spent three months in Cork, Ireland, where we learned a lot about business, science and start-ups. After our return to Austria, we applied to the Science Park Graz and were accepted there.


During this time, we realized that we needed a lot of capital to implement our bioplastics vision. We decided us against venture capital investment and aimed instead for organic growth with a product that also has a positive impact on the environment. In 2016, we started the development of Legumino+ and had our first sales in 2017.

Christof Winkler-Hermaden

Chief Executive Officer

Our "Chief" has an overview of everything what happens in our company. He keeps everything running and is behind the ideas of Saphium Biotechnology.

Sanel Durakovic

Chief Scientific Officer

The CSO of Saphium and the head of the laboratory. He has studied molecular microbiology and has many years experience in genetics and microbiology.

Katharina Ettl

Social media and Marketing Officer

Our specialist for marketing. She works on our appearance and looks after our customers.

Bernhard Brauner-Runge

Researcher and Co-Founder

Bernhards strengths are literature research, laboratory and production.

Josef Tauchner

Researcher and Co-Founder

Josef is the tinker of the company. He supports Sanel and Bernhard at research and production.