Saphium Biotechnology at the national broadcast show "Österreich kann"

Our project PHAbulous Philaments was presented in the ORF at "Österreich kann". With us on stage was the moderator Thomas Kamenar and the board of experts with Heinz Fischer, Rainer Schönfelder, Katharina Klausberger and Elisabeth Oberzacher.

"Zukunftspreis" for Legumino+

Legumino+ won the Vulkanland future price 2018! Already for the 14th time was the Vulkanland innovaton price awarded in three categories. 

We received the "Zukunfspreis" 2018 in the category Handwerk (artisanry)!

Styrian scarlet runner bean as inspiration!

Biotechnologie. A young startup produces rhizobia at winery in the southern Steiermark. They provide the scarlet runner beans with nitrogen and support their growth.

The Business Monat reports: Bakterienbach goes Bioplastik: Eco-Vision out of the bioreactor


Voices of the 3D printing ecosystem

Environmentally friendly materials: PHAbulous Philaments

Wednesday Business Showcase : Saphium Biotechnology


An interview with Reinmar Eggers @ReinmarEggers, Chief Executive Officer of Saphium Biotechnology @Saphium , an IndieBio company back by SOSVentures.

PHAbulous Filaments: Make Fantastic 3D Prints from Magical Microbes That Fertilize Your Garden Too

PHAbulous Philaments: Saphium Biotechnology entwickelt umweltfreundliches Filament

PHAbulous Philaments: New Bioplastic Filament by Saphium Biotechnology...