Legumino+ is a microbiological rhizobia inoculat. Our strains are isolated from different farm lands, cultivated separatly and brought to market as a mixture of multiple strains. As alternative carrier to peat Austrian biochar is used. Legumino+ is registered for use in organic agriculture according to the rules of BIO AUSTRIA and VO (EG) 834/2007 idgF.


The air consists of 78% nitrogen, which cannot be used by plants. Rhizobia are inhabitants of our farmland soil and have the ability to assimilate nitrogen. They provide it to plants in exchange for nutrients. This process happens in formed nodules at the roots of legumes. The better nutrient supply results in better growth and up to 20% increased yields.

Why Legumino+ and no other rhizobia inoculant?


Many rhizobia inoculants are available at the market. We differ from them in following points:

  • Legumino+ contain multiple strains in one inoculant, because every field is different. We isolate the strains from light sand, from loam and from heavy clay, as well as arid and moist sites. We cultivate each strain separatly and combine them at the end in one product on our carrier. Thereby is Legumino+ better adapted to the different soil and climate types.

  • Austrian biochar instead of peat from wetlands. We work as an alternative to peat with finest milled biochar as carrier for Legumino+. The biochar is made from wood waste and wheat husk and meets the requirements of the Internation BioChar Initiative“ certificate.

  • Sale on commission: We think it is untrustworthy to sell rhizobia inoculants with minimum durability of twelve months, because the bacteria are influenced by transportationa and storage. Legumino+ can be used for up to six months and unused packages can be returned. Thereby is Legumino+ always freshly available for our customers and retailers.

Dosage and application

One package of Legumino+ contains 400 g Inokulat, enough for a area of 1 ha. In one Gramm Legumino+ is a minimim of one billion living bacteria. Legumino is applyed to the seeds right before sowing. We recommend therefor to use a concrete mixer for bigger amounts of seed or to mix smaller amounts in a plastic bowl by hand.

  1. Moisture the seeds with water. Optional, you can use "Legumino Stick" for a better adhesion.
  2. Spread Legumino+ over the seeds and mix well.
  3. Let the mixture dry a few minutes, protected from the sun.