We are bringing back the love to plastics!

Plastic waste can be found in every part of our world! We have produced enough plastic waste to wrap our precious planet in plastic film six times over. And this plastic waste will not degrade for centuries...

...but we all love plastics. Plastics were developed to fulfill the dreams of mankind and we cannot live without it. Saphium Biotechnology brings back the love!

We develop all-natural, non-toxic and compostable bioplastics in microorganisms. These PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates) based bioplastics are water resistant, stable in shelves and degraded in soil within 180 days. PHAs have thermoplastic properties and can be processed with current available machines.

Phastics - PHA basiertes Plastik

The substrates for these plastics are the gases carbon dioxide and hydrogen. We capture carbon dioxide from the air or from industrial waste gas streams and produce hydrogen with electricity from renewable energy sources via electrolysis. At the moment we are in the development phase for the purification, but we will soon start our first test runs in the Pilot scale.


The production of 1 kg of plastic by this process would remove 2 kg of carbon dioxide from the air. If we substitute the whole worldwide plastics production with our process we would produce 6% less carbon dioxide by 2018. Based on the increasing plastic consumption, it would account for more than 20% of global carbon dioxide emissions in 2050.